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Focus Groups/ Research Studies


Have any of you partaken in either a focus group or a research study for Crohn's Disease? I recently saw in the paper a focus group looking for people with Crohn's Disease, and was curious if any of you had done them before. If you have what types of things were you asked and what was your experience like overall with it?


i havent but i have looked into one and im still deciding wether to go into the reasearch group
There is a world wide study on a new drug at the moment which I think is already being used in USA but not approved elsewhere. The drug trial is to get it approved here in Australia. I went through all the interviews, got accepted but when it came to have blood taken I had a panic attack, I was dehydrated after the 3 hour drive to get to the doctors office and I just couldn't go through with it.

It involved self injecting. Can't remember the name of the drug tho. sorry.