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Folic Acid

Hi folks

Im starting this on Friday! but I have been told to take the folic acid three days before I inject. Some other people say take it the day after the injection and others say take it every day apart from the injection days.

Well Im confused. Whens the best to take it?


Hi, do you mean you are taking folic acid in conjunction with Methotrexate? If so I used to take this on a Monday (both begin with 'm') and then took the folic acid on a Friday - do you see what i did there :) I was always told to make sure I took them on different days.
Hi folks

Im starting this on Friday! but I have been told to take the folic acid three days before I inject. Some other people say take it the day after the injection and others say take it every day apart from the injection days.

Well Im confused. Whens the best to take it?
as i mentioned earlier,i take Methotrexate on a monday and then my folic acid the next like i was told by my specialist!!!
i was told to take the folic acid 2 days after the meth, i take the meth on wednesday so im ok for the weekend. as the 2 days after taking meth im no so great.
haha wow, my GI had way difference advice. She told me 2-3mg daily, including the day I take metho (I take the injection kind). I was researching folic acid and I told her that many GI reccomend not to take it the day of, her reaction? "PFFTTT! *eye roll*" lol

I do trust her though, since every other doctor if ever talked to (which is a lot) say she is the best in Canada, and she has all these award, degrees, and is head of all sorts of research commitees.
I inject on Friday, and take folic acid on the Wednesday as per GI instructions. I think the main thing is that we take folic acid while on Mthx to make sure our bodies have some as it can turn to custard if we dont.


My doc suggest Folic acid 1mg daily except for the day I do the injection. Apparently there are several schools regarding this combo...
My doc said daily 1000mcg (3 tablets of 400mcg OTC supplement)...even day of Metho shot. Plus I take one iron supplement tablet daily. Seems to be no issues... So what are the issues with daily use? Immediate side effects? Long term issues? Thanks
Looks like everyone is told different things. My GP told me to take 5mg (5,000 mcg) Folic Acid two days before the Methotrexate.
Had my first shot of metho yesterday. If side effects are coming, how soon or am I in the clear? I've felt disoriented, tired, confused, but nothing too bad. GI didn't recommend folic acid, should I take some? What does folic acid do for our bodies? Has anyone experienced hair loss? I'm super freaked out that that is a possibility, even it's it rare. Upcoming wedding. :heart:
Doc told me folic acid was for the nausea. Mine had me take it every day including shot day...many others take it every day except shot day and other take it once a week. Its a very inexpensive OTC with no side effects.

If you have no nausea issues maybe you don't need it?

I took Metho for about 6 months. Gave myself the shot every Monday night about 30 min before bed. Biggest side effect of Metho is fatigue. Hated that part as it never gets better. Started after 1st shot to very last shot. Giving myself the shot did get easier.

I was at about 10% energy every Tue, 50% on Wed and 80% every Thur - Sun. Hated taking Metho compared with NO fatigue side effects from Remicade infusions every 8 weeks. I probably only felt normal Sun and Mon (before shot).

No other side effects.

And side note I always add cause I think its important: 80% of Metho is expelled with-in first 48 hrs (per manufacturers info). All these Crohns drugs tax the liver...thats why they recommend minimal or zero alc. But, my liver tests showed excellent reading when I only drank alc Wed - Sat. That way the alc was out of my system by Mon night and no alc until after 48 hrs after the shot. Not saying everyone will have same liver work results as me, but I drank normal volumes on my drinking days with no ill effects.

Hair loss? I did not experience any...that I could tell. I did read in forum that those who have experienced hair loss or thinning have taken vitamen D suppl and hair came back. maybe start taking vit D anyway...couldn't hurt.

Be brave and remember that the major side effects are rare...pay close attention to your body for first 4 weeks and then relax and let nature take its course because you can't do anything about it anyway. To me that helped me relax about it...

Good luck with the Metho!
Thanks so much Dave for sharing your experience and insight. I'm newly diagnosed so am trying to learn so much. I don't even remember what it's like for my body to feel "normal" and want to get into remission to find out what my "new normal" will be. Truly appreciate your response. :D
I was on the MTX pills for years. I was told to take 1mg of folic acid daily. I may have lost some hair but other than that I never had any side effects. Actually my GI dr never said anything about Folic Acid. When I went to the pharmacy he asked if I was taking it and then he called the Dr for me about taking it.
Have a Great Day,

Steve in Walla Walla
Just to add to all the different suggestions, I got told to take 5mg three days after my Methotrexate, and increase if side effects, such as ulcers, were appearing. I'm on 15mg a week now.

So as by everyones response, just listen to your specialist and do as they say!