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Food diary



food diary

I posted this on another thread so I'm sorry if it's a repeat.
Do you or have you kept a food diary? Has it helped? What do you put in it? How long have you (or did you) kept it?


I currently do not keep one. I did a while ago, and found that it was not too beneficial for me. This was mostly due to me making one when I was in pretty bad condition, and no food was going good with me.

I found that I was able to realize what foods were triggering symptoms in me without keeping a diary. It usually took several times eating the certain food though, so I diary would probably be better at finding out trigger foods faster.


i keep one and find it helps.
i note down what i eat during the day and in another column i write any pains and toilet runs ive had and times, it helped me realise which foods to avoid and which ones i could eat


I dont, and never have. I can see the benifits of it, but Im lazy when it comes to that kind of stuff.