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Food poisoning

Hi Everyone,

I'm just starting to recover from food poisoning (undercooked salmon)..I was up all night long throwing up and diarrhea at the same time.(how is that even possible!!:eek:)
This is the first time I have had food poisoning since I've been diagnosed with Crohn's. Today my guts are going crazy lots of rumbling and some cramping.

I assume this is normal after a bout of food poisoning, but I'm a little concerned that this whole ordeal will aggravate my Crohn's..Anyone else have this experience? ~Niki
Sorry Niki I don't have any advice to give you, I've never had food poisoning (thankfully). I hope you recover fully and keep us updated please.
:stinks:Oh yes I have-you poor thing! A few years back I got food poisoned at a fast food place. I had the same symptoms too-vomitting and diarrhea at the same time, it was listeria bacteria-I had to go to the ER to stop the vomitting and when I was there I threw up so they tested me for the various bacteria contaminations common to food. I had to take a prescription of Sulfa and Flagyl for about a week after.

I definitely recommend calling your doc and telling them what happened. Even though your symptoms have subsided an ugly bacterial infection can be brewing in your gut due to the Crohn's, sometimes it takes a few weeks after the initial episode to get ugly, and this can trigger a flare. I've had this happen many times from both stomach flu and food poisioning. They can give you antibiotics that will kill any residual bacterial infection.

I hope this helps-I know we typically don't freak out over stomach flu/food poisioning but it requires a but more care with Crohn's. Probiotics can really help, too.

Feel better and please keep us posted!:)
Yes, currently I'm experiencing the same ordeal. I ate out for Mother's Day and have been sick since that midnight. I started out feeling nauseous and having my first liquid BM that night. The next morning, Monday, I puked once and proceeded to go to the bathroom probably five times over the course of 3 hours.

I drank two 20oz of coconut water for electrolytes and rehydration throughout the day. I ate 3 pieces of pizza at 10 p.m., thinking the worst was over, only to lay around for a couple hours feeling flike I was going to puke again--but to no avail.

Tuesday I ate a banana/nut/cinnamon/whey smoothie for breakfast and waited a half hour before deciding to brave the day at work. I made it through without any incidents, though I only ate one egg and one Kombucha w/chia seed and was completely drained of energy. After work, I had a Garden of Life meal replacement shake and took a food-based multivitamin. Later that night, I tried to eat another couple pieces of pizza and felt nauseated again. No BMs all day, not particularly hungry, hardly drank a liter of water all day--kind of weird for me.

Stayed home today, Wednesday, and had a watery BM early on which made me decide to stay home. I was on the fence as to whether or not see a doctor. Mid-afternoon, I had a cramping pain subsided by a surprisingly solid, voluminous BM. Since then, I've eaten a sub sandwich and haven't experienced any nausea.

In retrospect, I'm wondering if I had an obstruction of sorts that caused the pain, resultant of the food poisoning. I'm pretty sure I had food poisoning because a sibling of mine--non-Crohnnie--experienced some minor symptoms from the same sketchy restaurant that night (Ground Round--hardly a higher rung than a Denny's on my ladder).

Looking back, I should have only drank my foods and am planning on picking up some 100% vege/carrot/fruit juices tomorrow to let my bowels rest.

Sorry for hijacking your thread, I just wanted to make a record of my experience for me to remember. I've had food poisoning twice before and had about the same symptoms described above only minus the painful, crampy, possible Crohn's aggravation. Both of those times, I recovered in a little over a day and a half which makes me wonder three days later...
Oh, yea. I've been supplementing with fish oil and probiotics all along, also. Today I also took some oil of oregano, neem extract and colloidal silver early in the day when my stomach was pretty empty and chased with a glass of water--each dose spaced out a half hour apart.


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I just got over a bout of food poisoning too - mine was from some frozen ground turkey that my hubby thawed improperly. He did cook it to a proper temperature, but my understanding is that when you don't thaw meat right, bacteria form and the bacteria release toxins. Cooking the meat properly will kill the bacteria but the toxins remain and can still make you ill. My hubby got a little sick too although not as bad as I was, and that was the only "iffy" thing we had both eaten so I'm sure it was the turkey.

Anyway, as MountainGem said, you should be concerned about a bacterial infection (unless your case is like mine and you're certain the food was cooked to a proper temperature, but it sounds like you can't be sure of that). Definitely call your doctor, they will probably do some stool samples to rule out bacteria and parasites. If there's no bacteria or parasites then hopefully you'll recover just fine. I was in remission before my food poisoning incident and I'm feeling almost back to normal now so this fortunately did not set off a flare for me (phew!). Good luck, I hope you recover without flaring too!
Thanks for the posts you guys! I'm feeling much better today! All that rumbling and cramping I was feeling is gone now.

Luckily my Crohn's is in remission right now but I was really worried about setting off a flare.
It looks like I've managed to get through it without any real damage.

I've learned a hard lesson about cooking salmon, I think I will be avoiding it for a little while though.
Been there! Ice cream bucket on the lap while sitting on the toilet. My husband at the time was in the bathtub, I was glad I got the toilet ; ) I can laugh about it now. Put me off grouse for life. Hope you continue to feel better.