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Foods the week before colonoscopy

So i have been avoiding all known pain triggers for me. Over the last week i have had very few pain episodes. I go in a little over a week for a colonoscopy. As with most people ive been dealing with pain for several years and finally found someone that is willing to rule out other issues before giving me an ibs diagnosis.

Im wondering if i should go back to eating some of those pain causing foods to make sure they can actually find the Crohn's in my intestines.



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In my opinion, keeping to 'safer' foods is a good idea - and then 2-3 days before your procedure start to eat a lighter diet - this is to help with the clean-out process when you do start your prep.

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I have my colonoscopy/ endoscopy on April 4th. I have already been eating only Ensure, Jello and Broth for over two weeks because I cannot tolerate solid or soft food. So, I gotta take 4 Dulcolax and a whole bunch of Miralax next week, since my food goes through me pretty fast right now and I only drink liquids I would think after the 4 Dulcolax pills I would be cleaned out ! Drinking all that Miralax is already making me ill. Why am I scared of this colonoscopy /endoscopy when I have had 3 previous ones ? I think because this time around my gut is so sick and my calprotectin almost 700. Afraid they will find Colin cancer or Crohns. ( I currently have UC. ) I haven't had this much of a major change in my symptoms in 20 years.
My Dh has had this procedure done several times. Usually he has to be on a strict diet for 24 hours.
Starts the day at about 8 with a boiled egg and a piece of toast also cup of tea with milk and sugar.
Next meal he has is a cup of bovril at 12noon with a clear jelly afterwards and cup of tea with milk and sugar.
After this he is only allowed cups of bovril up to 8 o'clock and tea without milk.
Must drink plenty of water.
So important that he sticks to the dieat otherwise his bowel won't be emptied properely and he might have to go through the procedure all over again.
Might be worth you ringing the surgeons secretary for advice.
Hope this helps.