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Foods you cannot resist and loose control?

I cannot stop myself eating pop crisps. They taste so good and are kinda low fat. They are like a drug. Anybody have anything they loose self control with?
I have a terrible sweet tooth. Whipped cream, chocolate, and cakes are my downfall. They make my tummy hurt, but sometimes I just need to have some
Popcorn is the devil. It is one of my absolute favorite snacks and I know if I had a taste of it I would not be able to stop myself. Have not eaten it in years :(
Chocolate, and popcorn. If the kids want popcorn I try and find something else to do while my husband makes it. If I'm in the kitchen, it goes in my mouth.


Bourbon Bandito
Potato chips. They've always been a weakness but it only got worse when I realised that it is one of the only forms that I can still eat potatoes in.
I've been pretty good at refraining from some of my old favourites like haribo sweets and cream cakes. As they can cause major flares for me

However I still will now and then eat some things that cause me minor irritation, im a sucker for pasties and sausage rolls and pastry! Sometimes it's worth the pain