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Keona , thanks for reminding me I registered over a week ago and with everything going on I forgot. But I have a nasty cold and if it doesnt clear up quick I may not go, it is at the hospital in town and I am sure I would get dirty looks if I went and started coughing and hacking.... oh joy oh bliss!
did they send you stuff in the mail pen? They will do that also as my surgery is the morning after - i dont think it will go well with the cleansing stuff :)

I hope you are feeling better soon :D

Crohn's 35

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No, I got it thru my local paper, I guess the hospital and CCFC put it there. So I signed up. I really hope I can go but not sure if there is anything I will learn there, since I am not new to this disease. Sorry I havent been in touch with you, just come on once in a while whilst other monitors are busy. I am sorry you have to have surgery and going during a prep would not be fun! Hope you have a quick and easy surgery. Intestine removal?
Hey pen
no, I am having the treatment of this done and biopsies..

the next step is to get an NG tube and CT scan done and then prednisone and then resection. It all depends on the CT though and the biopsies...
if you want the email for the info- let me know and I can send it to you...or I could wait and let you know what it is like...let me know...
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Crohn's 35

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Thanks for posting this, however I am way too far away. I am only doing the M&M"s bbq and help flip burgers...I have been a volunteer now for a few years and just not overdoing it this year. But I am always up to learning something new. I missed that session mentioned on the first post but I ended up not feeling well and was nauseated and had cold.


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I missed our local session here, but am looking to start going to the local CCFC meetings. I signed up for the BBQ team on my last visit to M&M.