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For everyone

for everyone

I just want to say thank you. everyone here on this forum is so sweet and supportive. this is an amazing place and i am extremely glad my mom found it. to be honest...we have recieved more concern and support from people on here for madasin than we have from some of those closest to her. once again thank you and you are all wonderful. i wish everyone the best.

MISB: i wish you the best. we are all here to support you, i hope things start to look up for you. hugs.


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Couldn't agree more! This forum is a godsend and in so many ways - support, friendship, information, laughter, a place to put down your thoughts, a place to say the things you feel you can't say anywhere else..........and the list goes on. This place is the best!!!



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Ditto:):)(inside joke sorry)!! You are right Kelley and Dusty!! Unless you suffer with this disease yourself or have someone as close as a child or a spouse who does, you just can't understand how debilitating it can be. This forum has definitely opened my eyes!!
hi Kelley :) i've said so many times in type here that this community is amazing, in the way everyone cares for each other, respects one another, and tries their best to help - even when many of our members are suffering themselves.

i am so pleased you've joined, and that you're getting support and advice for your little girl... and i wish only good things for her from now on.

Hi Kelley, :welcome: I'm glad you found this place too. I've seen sites where people are constantly trying to sell instant cures or get really pushy with advice like "you really need to do this or that", and yet here all I have found is unconditional support and realistic advice with everyone knowing what works for you may not work for me. This place has become such a refuge for me, being able to feel like I'm doing something for someone else yet barely taking care of me. Thank you for the support and best wishes and since we are all in this together, at least we have each other. That's a lot more than I had a couple of months ago.
I have to agree with all of you, Everyone on this forum cares about each other. What Kelley said is correct, we get more support here regarding madasin then we do from our family and friends that live in the same state. The best thing I have done is join this forum, recommending it to kelley and meeting all of you. There is no other place that you can go to vent your concerns about uc and/or crohns and have someone understand just what you are saying and how you are feeling. I have only been here a short time but I want all of you to know that you are all like family to us and you are all in our prayers.

Lots of Hugs to you all
i agree mama....when we talk to others about madasin they look at us like we have lost our minds and need a one way ticket to the looney bin...(although we are not far from it lol. )or like the doctors they think we sit around all day making up stories.
and i agree...the people on here are more like family than our own