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For My Peanut

written by me for my baby girl

You are so very stong and brave
my stars that shine bright
you are mommy beautiful princess
my amazing baby, that won't give up the fight

mommy is beside you sweetie
every long and hard step of the way
sad days, doctor appointments and belly aches
you can call on me night and day

you might get tired of it and want to give up
but i'll be there to help you through
laughs, cried happy and sad times
i hope you'll know there is nothing i will not do

some things may be different for you
when you have procedures you'll have fears
ill be there holding your hand
and wiping away my peanuts tears

you'll get upset and frusterated
at times probably mad at me
i'll only do for you what is best
one day that you'll see.

being angry over a decision i make
with me that is okay
because i love you sweetie
and if its best i woont let discouragement get in the way.

** I know that there is a long rough road ahead for you love, and i want you to know that there is absolutly nothing i will not do to be there for you and to try to make the best of it all. mommy loves you peanut. you are the strongest and bravest 2 yr old i know. you are beautiful inside and out. xoxo**
Hello Kelley and welcome to the forum. Your poem brought tears to my eyes. Your little Madasin is blessed to have you by her side walking through the trials. I know from many years ago, how hard it is when your magical, wonderful child is suffering. It can be so disempowering and scary when the most perfect little being you have ever seen is ill. With you by her side she will be so much stronger and will believe me she will never forget your love and dedication. One of my sons was born with abdominal issues and spent the first 6 months of his life in a neonatal ICU- I only left his side for a total of 3 days and always has a hand touching him anywhere that wasn't bandaged or hooked up to a monitor. It was by far the hardest time of my life, but he knew i was there and fought really hard to get better. As I write this to you, this young man (14 years later) is playing high school freshman football. We both carry scars from that time but he is truly my hero. Hang in Kelley, Madasin knows you are always there and will fight harder because of that.


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Awwww Kelley that is so perfect. I understand exactly where are coming from and what you are saying as do all the parents on this forum. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Madasin is truly blessed to have you as her Mum and I know you feel equally blessed to have her.

Now where is that tissue box! :)

Sending hugs and kisses, :hug::kiss:
Kelly that is so sweet. Madasin is such a doll!! My mother was there for me when I was really sick, she spent the entire month with me in the hospital, that was way back in 1980-1981 and I will never forget her being there for me. When she got sick I spent a month with her in the hospital. I stayed 9 hours a day to be by her side. I'm so happy to hear that she has such a great mommy.


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That's beautiful Kelley!! I know how you feel. I'm so glad you are finding this place to be a home where you can share with us. Thank you for posting this:):)
I am very happy to see that you posted your peom on the forum hun, A beautiful peom for our princess, you could not have expressed your feelings any better. Madasin is a good girl and she will always appreciate you being there for her.
Absolutely beautiful Kelly. She is truly blessed to have such an awesome mom beside her fighting this darn disease. God bless you both!!

Thank you all so much for your comments and support. as you see my mom (gypsi girl) was glad to see i posted the poem on here. I never post or read the poetry i write. i guess it is safe to say i am my worst critic. lol. once again thank you all so much. you are all so wonderful here. your support gives me more wanting to fight. I will never give up fighting for and with her. but i get discouraged that there is nothing more i can do to help her....to make her pain go away. and sometimes i feel like i am not doing enough. you are all wonderful here


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I don't think we ever feel like we're doing enough when our kids are unwell, we feel so helpless. You are among friends here and we understand your pain and frustration all too well.

:hang: you are doing beautifully.

Take care,