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For those on weekly humira

for those on weekly humira

Hi all,

I started fortnightly humira back in September, felt really quite good until beginning of December when in hindsight things slowley started to turn pear shaped...last few weeks been very ill, CRP highest it's been at 70, nasty dose of erythema nodosum (even on the soles of my feet, very ouchy!) no appetite, losing weight fast etc etc. Have now started on weekly doses, have had one extra so far...was just wanting to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience to mine with it working so well to begin with then not working well at all, has weekly doses done the trick for you? Staring down the barrel of a total colectomy and feeling a little bit scared!
Interestingly even while everything seems to be flaring my skin tag has shrunk and my perianal issues (very inflamed sore skin and boils) have all settled down completely and are the best they've been since diagnosis, so it must be doing something??

Looking forward to your replies, hope you are all as well as you can be out there in chronie land!