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For those who have been prescribed prednisone in the past.



Hello everyone,

I think I've been taking my medication incorrectly for a long time. I took prednisone in the summer when I had my first ever flare-up, with very good results. My symptoms improved quickly. Now, I started off with 30 mg/day (6 pills) for a few days, then 25 mg/day (5 pills) for a few days, then 20 mg/day (4 pills) for a few days, then I slowly tapered off.

I took these pills, however, distributed throughout the day.

For those of you who were prescribed prednisone in the past, did you take your pills all at once? I had my mother fulfill my new prescription for prednisone today (40 mg/day), and the pharmacist told her I was to take these pills all at once, however for the past couple of days I've been taking 40 mg/day (8 pills) in divided doses. Grrrr I just want to punch myself.

I'm just curious how all of you who have taken prednisone in the past, took the medication: all at once or in divided doses?
all at once in the morning is when i took it and when it is usually prescribed to take. your body naturally produces all the stuff that prednisone mimicks while you sleep and your body is used to having it in the morning. if taken at night you will probably have sleep problems.


I also took mine all at once in the morning. It was a bit of a bind at the time actually as I was taking around 28 tablets in a day and the majority of those were taken in the morning.

I am currently taking 30mg ~ I take them with my breakfast. I take the full 30mg at one time. I find that if I take them later in the day I have an even less chance of sleeping through the night!!!


I really better start paying closer attention to the pharmacists' insturctions... I've been taking it wrong the whole time!


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To Robert K. Another thing you can do is to look on the drug manufacturers website. When I
1st starting taking Salofalk, I was told by the pharmacist how to take it, which was exactly how the information sheet prescribed. But that resulted in giving me pretty harsh side effects. When I checked into the Dr Falk website, their instructions were different.. (pharmacist said to take with food, but website said to eat, wait 1 hour, then take pills).. Since switching to the website methods, my side effects decreased dramatically. Pays to look into it. You never know.


The first time I took Pred I made the same mistake. I was taking 10ml 3 times a day because all the presciption bottle was take 3 tablets daily. About 2weeks after I started I started running a fever so I went to my Gastro and by the time I got to his office my fever was 104 and my heart rate was at 200. I was put into a wheelchair and rushed to the emergency room. After the Dr's and nurses started questioning and I told them what I was taking they said that because I was taking it correctly that my flare was getting worse but the Pred was masking the symptoms which then caused some kind of infection. I had to spend 2 days in the hospital under observation due to this error. Ever since then I question everything that I need to take and how. I don't just assume anymore. I have even noticed that if I am late taking my Pred, even by a few hours I start to run a fever until I get the meds in me.