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Former Entyvio Patients: How Long Did It Take For Your Side-Effects To Go Away?

My third and last infusion of Entyvio was one month ago and after every dose the side-effects became progressively worse.

My symptoms from Entyvio have included:

-Severe fatigue including low endurance/stamina
-Bloating, on and off severe diarrhea (including fatty stool)
-Body temperature going as high as 102 and as low as 95 within two hours
-Some dimming of my vision
-Burning and painful cramps in the lower Gi area including the lower right and lower left areas.
-Loss of appetite

I have read several posts on this message board where other people have had the same or similar side-effects from Entyvio.

I am not trying to bash this medication as it has helped some people,
but for my peace of mind, I would like to hear from those of you who have been on Entyvio;

How long did it take for your Entyvio-related side-effects to finally go away?

I have read that it can take as long as six months.