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Forum for teens?

I was wondering if anyone knows of something like this for the kids to be able to communicate on? The more time I spend on the fourm, the more time I spend on the forum... know what I mean? It's a bit addicting right now....

I keep thinking how cool it would be for my 14 year old son to talk to other kids with Crohn's... he doesn't know anyone with the same disease.

Just curious.

Thank you to everyone who posts - it makes such a difference for others!!


There was a thread started just for teens, maybe a forum area would b a good idea.

There are a few people on here who are still teens (and others who act like they are) so he can always post here and im sure a few of them will reply. Another way is adding anyone he knows on facebook. Ive added a few similar to my age and speak to them occassionally that way.

Crohn's Mom

I tried to talk my daughter into looking for a "teens" forum like this. She said it's not her thing to share or talk or complain. I suggested that she may be able to help others by sharing her story or giving advice or answering questions; maybe other teens wont feel so alone. She's contemplating that...
I think a teen forum is a great idea ! And I think one of you smart kids could probably find a way to start one !! :)
this has been suggested and discussed before, but we didn't think there was enough call for it to be a successful addition..

however, if there are enough teen members now - i'm happy to bring this up again with David & Nancy Lee..

we could do it two ways - either a separate forum here for teenagers, or a new forum altogether which i'd be quite happy to create - it would be password entry only, so it would be safe, non-public, and would be overseen by myself, and possibly David if he wanted to get involved.

let me know all your thoughts in here - like i say, if there are enough teens wanting this, it can certainly be addressed. :)
I would be interested in it, though I don't know if the password protection thing would be a good idea. Most teens I know are lazy (including myself at times lol) and probably wouldn't want to bother with having to get the password. I think just a seperate one here would be nice.
I'm going to have my daughter take a look at the sub-forum later today. She was wanting to talk to others that have cd.
I was trying to search for this forum for my daughter (newly diagnosed, young teen). I can't get into the forum (which is OK), but I also can't tell if it still exists?? If so - how can I create an account for HER to get into the teen section?



Once an account has been made you just have to click a button to say that you are in that age group and you will be able to get in. It may be worth her making the account so only she knows the password
Its a good idea. My son doesn't like his friends that Do Not have the disease to know. He'd benefit from being able to talk to kids that are like him. Do they have to make an account. I clicked the link out of curiosity and it has an age agreement. I didn't click past that. Son's at school


Yes, it is teens only so they can ask / talk about embarrassing questions etc without their parents knowing.

If I remember correctly, even the moderator of the forum is a teen or young adult


I wish my son would join the teenage forum... However, I think he just prefers to act like he does not have Crohn's.
Any suggestions to encourage my son?
My son is fairly open with his non IBD friends about his CD when he is in a flare and symptomatic. But usually when he is having symptoms he stays home and plays a lot of Xbox and PC games. Between both he has found 4 other kids from around the globe with CD and have become each other's support system.

I never could get C to join a forum, or if he has I definitely don't know about but these Xbox friends have really been great support. And they all text and such now.


Thanks:) Yes Matthew is open with his Crohn's and he's blessed with friends that are accepting. I just feel that if he communicated with other Crohn's it would somehow be helpful. I see you live in Georgia as well as myself. We live in the Gwinnett area how about you?
We live in the middle Georgia lake area. I do understand about wanting him to have a peer CD support group. Are there any teen CD groups through CCFA in that area? I know when he is hospitalized at Scottish Rite CHOA the Child Life Specialist introduces C to other CD patients on the floor and sets up workshops and fun activities. C opts out of the activities but did meet other kids his age. One of them is the one he still plays Xbox live with I think.
My kid has been trying for a teen support group in her area for a while with no luck. She will cone with me from time to time to the adult group when it is an activity, but its hard. I hope you find a group for him soon. Mine is relying on online groups for now. She actually talks to a few playing black ops etc on Playstation.
I try to talk to my friends about the stuff I'm going through, but they don't understand. And I feel like I can't show them how affected I actually am by my illness... I know the whole saying of don't let your illness control you but it's hard. So anyway glad there's a forum for teens.
My Son is 13 and was diagnosed at 6. I think he would definitely be interested in joining. He doesn't know any other kids with Crohn's...