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Freaking out!!!!

Hi everyone, my son whose 10 has been having Methotrexate jabs for 8 weeks. I have noticed his air is falling out really easily, he heard me say something about this and is now terrified he is going bald!!! To be honest I'm terrified too, it's heartbreaking.
I mentioned this to his nurse and she said I should get a referral to a dermatologist, she said it wasn't the Methotrexate, well, he's always had great hair before!!
Is this hair loss likely to slow down, it doesn't notice yet but should it get worse I won't get him out the house!!
I have read in a couple of places that a methotrexate side effect is hair loss but this usually stops when the medication is. Also I looked at some other forums and poeople have written that their drs recommended upping their folic acid dose has helped.
I would give them a call back and maybe speak to someone else or one of the Drs and see what they say. Hope it improves for him soon x


That seems really irresponsible of the nurse. The kid is 10 there is no reason he should be losing hair. This drug can cause hair loss please talk to the GI about lowering the dose or trying another drug.


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Um...heelloo nurse...Mtx is known to cause hair loss in some patients...not all but some. Heck..I told you in the parents forum my daughter is losing her hair and both her GI and derm say Mtx will make it worse. But take heart...I have heard from many that the hair loss slowed down and even stopped without stopping Mtx. Definitely if the hair los is due to Mtx it grows back once the drug is stopped. If it is working, you could just proceed until a point it is starting to bother him and then decide to stop the Mtx.

Good Luck.