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Free to a good home..

1 Colon no longer required after Thursday (all going well). Will happily trade for a fully functional and working model. This one's retiring early due to almost 12 years of overworking...

God I wish I could stop the tears and the nerves. Had my head set for May 9th, but alas we won't make it to then. Boston's a no go either.



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So do I!!! and I don't even have it!!!

Thinking of you mate but sorry I don't want to trade colon's.......:eek2:

Loads of love, xoxoxoxo


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Aw Andrea, so sorry to hear that your trip is off and your surgery was moved up. But just think, in a few more days all the bad stuff will come out and you'll start feeling so much better! And you can always go to Boston after you recover. Think of how fun a vacation there will be once you're feeling well and able to eat!

Sending happy thoughts and virtual hugs, and hoping for a speedy recovery for you. Once you are able to, please let us know how you're doing. Hugs!
Aw sorry to hear you are in a bad way. been there and done that and am living proof that life can, and does go on.

Chin up and be proud of how you cannot be beaten, dont give the disease the satisfaction. you deserve to be happy and healthy, i a sure of it!

Big big hugs to you !

Moving the date up would cause nerves & tears for me too! Let em flow, hon! However the posts I have read on this forum have caused me to start pushing for an operation myself. Like you, I am so tired of being in pain. Like Amy, I am tired of messing myself (and the sheets,and the carpet,etc).
Thinking of you, hon.


London, UK
Taking a moment from my self-indulgent meltdown to wish you luck because you're incredibly brave and special and deserve to hear that from me after how much you've tried to help me. You'll do great. Thinking of you all the time x
:( sorry Andrea

I hope that everything goes well so that you can be healthy again. I know this is not an easy thing to go through. I just want to send you some

Andrea the tears and nerves would be the same for everyone ( if not they wouldn't be normal ).
I'm sorry your op has been moved to Thursday and you won't be going to Boston , but the sooner your op the better you will be .
It wouldn't have been nice getting sick in Boston !

You've definately chosen the right path having the op b coz if I had the chance I'd do it in a heartbeat so I would not suffer as much pain as I do and wouldn't live on the loo !!
I actually look forward to the day I get an ostomy if it ever happens lol just for some relief .
Make sure you update us when u can Hun we will all be thinking of you XX
Jen XX