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frequent fevers in child

Hi all,
My almost 10 year old daughter has been having fevers on and off 100 - 103 for about three months. Sometimes they last a day sometimes longer. Once a week. Nothing really besides being tired sometimes to with it. No stomach issues. I worry of course that she will have crohns. I did not present this way as a child but I am prone to fevers. The time her fever lasted a week the doc told me not to worry about it. That of course never works.

Just wondering if others have experienced this and how that worked out. Any advice is appreciated.
Yes, Chloe had mysterious fevers on and off before she was diagnosed. She didn't have stomach issues but she did have joint pain that coincided with the fever. The week before she was diagnosed she had a fever that would not go away along with abdominal pain, that is what prompted our trip to the doctor that changed our lives. I hope your daughter is ok!


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Have you had any bloodwork done on her to check for infection? The fevers are saying something is going on....I know when I would flare I would run a low grade fever, only about 99 degrees.....but then again a normal temp for me is about 97....

Hope it gets sorted out!
Sorry to hear about your girl's fever. My Grace doesn't get fevers but if you like that's great question to post on the parent's forum if you wish. I hope she gets better.:hug:
Thanks all,
Yes, they did a blood test and said there was not infection - and that was during a weeklong bout of fevers. I will go ahead and post on the other subforum.