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Frequent fevers in child

Hi all,
My almost 10 year old daughter has been having fevers on and off 100 - 103 for about three months. Sometimes they last a day sometimes longer. Once a week. Nothing really besides being tired sometimes to with it. No stomach issues. I worry of course that she will have crohns. I did not present this way as a child but I am prone to fevers. The time her fever lasted a week the doc checked her blood for infection and finding nothing told me not to worry about it. That of course never works.

Just wondering if others have experienced this and how that worked out. Any advice is appreciated.


It might be worth asking for a fecal calprotectin. If nothing else, a normal result might ease your mind. Other than looking for infection, did the doctor check anything else?

Not sure about fevers, but my son did have alot of hot flushes - he felt hot inside but his skin was cool. I agree it's worth getting a calprotectin done - at least it's a painless test and good indicator of inflammation.
Indeed, my son had daily, evening low-grade fevers before dx, it was a sign of his overactive immune system and while at his most malnourished. I'd think the fecal calprotectin test is an easy one, there is also a simple blood test to check inflammation levels. Can't hurt to rule it out, since there is a high genetic factor to IBD. My son never had stomach pains and even the GI thought he wasn't IBD at first exam til the bloodwork showed inflammation and we progressed to the colonoscopy/endoscopy to confirm it. Have you charted her growth and weight recently? We completely missed my son's failure, so easy to overlook, since they all grow differently. Best of luck!


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My son did have on again, off again fevers before being diagnosed and the fevers were sometimes accompanied/followed by diarrhea. The fever would start a couple of days before the diarrhea. His fevers would last 1 day to a week long and then they would disappear for a week, two, etc.

Throughout the two months of testing with GP, other symptoms began to emerge... weight loss, fatigue, paleness, canker sores, night sweats, back pain (not necessarily all at once).
Jack had low grade fevers prior to diagnosis, that plus paleness, fatigue, weight loss and he only had tummy pains in the morning led to dx's
thanks all. she has only had a white blood cell count and throat culture so far. I will ask for a fecal calprotectin. Is that something I can request from her gp?