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Frequently reoccurring perianal abscess now developing severe tailbone lower abdomin

The past year in the first week of February I had my first flare up with a perianal abscess. It was drained, I went back to work after a day of rest, and did well until the beginning of May. I’ve now been out of work since and probably have had five days I can actually half way function like a normal person in that time. The second flare up swelled up and looked like as if I had something similar to elephantiasis between my legs and in my scrotum. I then received a surgical procedure to drain it with a 8cm deep hole cut between my legs. After this procedure I had frequent drops in my blood pressure, dizziness, near fainting, flu like symptoms (stomach and congestion wise), as well as sciatic and testicle pain. A couple of days after the first wound healed it came right back. I was given a CT scan and nothing showed up. The next couple of days the extreme swelling came back. I returned to visit the surgeon and he said the abscess was back. The “bog” in my testicles (that’s what the surgeon called it), looked as if someone had put a fishing weight in my scrotum and it hung down about an inch past my testicles right in the middle. I then had my third surgical procedure. I’m currently healed to the point the depth of my surgical wound has about closed. Yesterday it swelled some and a horrible smell came from it. I woke up today and the swelling is gone. I’ve experienced the same flu like symptoms I did the time prior the past three days. The sciatic pain re occurred yesterday and has progressed into such I may barely walk today, along with extreme pain in my left testicle. After four days the sciatica and testicle pain has only grown worse, and abdominal pain and diarrhea has worsened as well. The current surgeon has referred me to a colorectal specialist whom advised she couldn’t perform another procedure to “take a look inside “ at the time due to the high possibility of it causing further complications. I’m having several test done throughout the rest of the month and no one has any idea what’s causing these perianal abscesses. I would also like to note the surgeon that performed the second two procedures stated there was no track connecting this to my anus. I post in hopes of being able to talk to someone who’s had very similar experiences, as I can find no one that’s had these symptoms alongside perianal abscesses.