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Fresh from my 4th Small Bowel Resection


Crohn's in LA

WOW.....What a roller coaster it has been for me these last weeks today.

I've had dialogue with many of you here on the forum. I live in Los Angeles and have recently started HUMIRA at the end of May. I've tried, tried, and tried. My disease was too far progressed. I would shoot HUMIRA feel pretty good for a few days then back to the pain. Over and over.

I was a day away from my next injection and had experienced the worst pain ever in all 21 yrs of crohn's. Lower area of my system below the belly button, just above the pubic bone (sorry). The pain was so intense at 2 am that I could hardly walk. I could hardly call for my wife. I had never been to sleep that night due to the pain. I vomitted three times. The pain got worse and worse. I thought I was going to die, and I am a very positive person.

My wife grabbed my daughter, started the car and off we were to the hospital 30 minutes away. My Gastro had already called ahead and mentioned I was on my way in.

Lord have mercy it took so long to get pain medicine. The pain was so bad. While they were looking for veins to inject I began to vomit blood on a couple of occassions. My poor was wife was so scared at that point. I had bener vomited blood. Once I received my pain shot (morphine) I was free. I didn't even need anymore pain med since. I had a tube stuffed down my nose to throat to stomach for excess fluid in my stomach. I couldn't deal with it and told the doc I prefer to vomit. It wold have been okay if I were sleep. They later did a cat scan, to find that I was severly blocked.

I spent the night in the hospital and had my GI discuss surgey.

WOW...I knew that it would be my next option if the HUNIRA did not work, I just had no idea I would have it done so soon. I was realesed from the hospital on a friday, to return on Tuesday morning for surgery.

It went great. I went in on the 5th of august and left on the 11th. My quickest trip ever, although I do know that KEV left in like two or three days right?: (lol)

I feel great I'm glad my 2 years of pure misery are over. I never want to have another. I will start consulting with many on this forum to find out any secrets on diets that I should adopt in order to help decrease chances of flares etc.

Thanks for all of your support.

Hey PEN, if your out there, and need the relief, I say go for it.
How long ago were your other resections? I am also using Humira to put off my forth resection I hope it continues to work

Crohn's in LA

Thanks for the reply.




My doc took me off of the 6mp (purinethol) after taking it for 8 years.

I will start HUMIRA again next thursday.

It feels great not to take pills every morning anymore.

I have to add that it feels weird to feel so great right now!

Crohn's in LA


I am very happy that you are doing well with HUMIRA. I really hope that continues for you.

Thanks for the reply, and keep us updated your progress as well.