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Friability of Colon

I just had a colonoscopy, my fifth overall, and found the only possible reason for blood in my stools was an area of friability in my cecum, at the anastomosis site from my surgery in 2010. I had no idea what friability was, but my GI told me yesterday. What I have found on the web is it is a brittle area where, if it is touched swells up and bleeds. Has anyone else had this happen?
I am not diagnosed yet, but my sister has Crohns.. and I have all the same symptoms - so they are also suspecting Crohns- my GI doc said the same thing - everywhere he touched in my colon was friable.. the biopsies though came back ok... Barium swallow abnormal, awaiting pill cam..
This is something about Crohn s that I had never heard of before, and I thought I had heard all of it by now. Thanks for your replies.
Did you have biopsies taken? Maybe those will enlighten you and your doc as to why you are having blood in your stool?

Also, have you looked into the possibility that the blood could be coming from a bit farther up in the GI tract? That would explain why your scope was pretty clear. Perhaphs an endoscopy or pill cam would be a good idea...

I had friability in my stomach during my last endoscopy, but the GI didn't offer any explanation as to what it would be or why it was happening. Ironically, that was at the Mayo Clinic and I had to ask my home GI about it before finally getting an explanation...In the end I think it was determined to be from mild chronic gastritis.
No we have not looked any further upstream at this point. I am not bleeding alot and it is bright red in color. If the Budesonide doesn't get it under control in 6 weeks my GI has something else in mind. I forgot to ask what. I was still under the influence of proprofol, I guess.