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From Crohns to UC??

Hello all.
This is my first post. I’ve had a rough month. Long story short I was diagnosed with Crohn’s when I was 14. Most of my issues have always been in my large intestine...mainly my anal rectal region.
So I had my first dr appt today with a new dr after being in the hospital last week. My rectum is in bad shape. So now they want to start me on Humara. I’ve never had to do any meds that weren’t oral. Also the dr says he thinks I was miss diagnosed and that he believes I have ulcerative colitis. He began to ask about joint pain and I swear I never noticed that my hips hurt all the damn time.
Also my rectum hurts so bad I wish I just never had to have a bm ever again. In the hospital I was told that if it’s not followed up with correctly, the next step will be surgery. I just started rowasa and I hope it helps.
Has anyone been here? Will the Rowasa help because they said I barely have tissue in my rectum.... sorry about the rant. I’m stressed 😔

Lady Organic

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Hi there and welcome to the forum. Your new doctor has a another impression on your disease but he saw your insides only once. With time, he will be able to have a clearer picture and opinion. CD and UC can sometimes be hard to diagnosed precisely. I have been such a case. I exhibit features of both CD and UC since 17 years!
Are you feeling any better?
Any thoughts about giving a rest to your bowel mouvements with a elemental liquid formula? Elemental liquid diet gives rest to the large bowel.
It's not unheard of for diagnoses to change. Having relocated several times due to my dad's job, I've gone back and forth between Crohn's and UC. I was originally diagnosed with Crohn's, then living in California (Huntington Beach area, in Orange County), the diagnosis was changed to Colitis. Up until around 2014 or so, they weren't sure. Finally after a colonoscopy, my doctor now said he's certain it's Crohn's.

I remember when we attended some kind of seminar down at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, there was a Venn diagram, with Crohn's on the left, and UC on the right, and where the circles overlap, it was filled in and written as "Indeterminable Colitis." My mom leans over and says "That's you in the middle, 'indeterminable colitis.'"
My diagnosis has never been for sure stated as UC or Crohn's. I only have it in the large intestine, but it looks more like Crohn's. My diagnosis right now is indeterminate colitis. It's been that way for over 10 years.

When I am flaring badly I have to go on a liquid mostly diet. I like Ensure Plus drinks the best...3 times a day, with small amounts of solid food if I can tolerate it. Lets your intestines rest and better than not eating at all, at least you get some nutrition in you.