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Frozen fruit smooshies

I'm completely obsessed with putting frozen fruit through our masticating juicer. It kicks out such yummy frozen dessert that my kids actually beg for it as a special treat. It has become our favorite dessert. Our freezer is loaded with bags of precut fruit (cut to the size of the opening of our juicer). Just swap out the juicing insert with the "pasta" or similar insert that doesn't allow juice to come out and the juicer will just push everything out the end.

Pineapple, watermelon, and grapes are the perennial favorites. Blends are always awesome. Grapes tend to be sweet and add nicely to other things. Bananas tend to be really creamy and mix we'll with things that are not too watery (e.g., wild blueberries). The juicer tends to bring out certain aspects of the flavor that are sometimes surprising (e.g., oranges and cantaloupe tend to be very bitter).