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Fruits and Veggies - Cooked or raw?

Wondering what choices others on SCD (or not SCD if cooking fruits and veggies has been part of your diet) have made with regard to cooking fruits and veggies. Did/do you cook all of them (other than bananas and avocados)? How long from the time you started SCD did you cook all fruits and veggies if you no longer do?


Low fiber fruits no but any veggies yes unless I am juicing. I don't follow SCD but believe in some of the principles.


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I bake a lot of veg.I use olive oil and spices/herbs.I also make soups.I make kimchi as well.
Are the veggies really soft when baked? I need something different. Steamed mushy veggies are getting boring.


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The shorter the baking time the crunchier,the longer the softer.Take into consideration how well you handle vegetables.Curried brussel sprouts are a current favorite.I mix them with olive oil and curry spices and bake at 360F for 20 minutes or so.Very quick and easy,and you can use any veg.It is a great way to make a healthy meal flavorful.Most spices and herbs are legal so there is a lot to experiment with.
I eat a raw salad a couple of times a week. Otherwise I eat a lot of butternut squash or acorn squash. My green veggies are generally very well cooked green beans, asparagus or spinach. Green beans fried in oil with onions is delicious. Takes forever to get them fried down to a digestible state but you can let them fry and just check on them occasionally. Toss in some bacon after and MMMMM.

If you can find legal bacon they're good fried in the grease. Squash (yellow crookneck) is also delicious done this same way, in bacon grease.

I seem to handle raw fruit fine and eat a lot of strawberries. However, in all fairness I'm on Imuran and officially in remission so that may have something to do with it.
I like to saute veggies in ghee or coconut oil, or just steam them.

I guess it's mostly fruit I'm getting bored of cooking (Though some great discoveries came from eating this way - baked peaches and nectarines with yogurt, baked pears with cheese, grilled pineapple. Yumm).

Nice to hear that you can eat raw fruit..especially strawberries! They are my favorite! Been thinking about getting some. I think I will eat them cooked and pureed with yogurt for now. But nice to think that eating them raw could be an option.

Did you start SCD cooking all fruits and veggies, then reintroduce raw fruits and greens? Or eat them from the start?

I'm also on Imuran, also in remission, so it may be time to push myself a little and see what happens.
Did you start SCD cooking all fruits and veggies, then reintroduce raw fruits and greens? Or eat them from the start?

I'm also on Imuran, also in remission, so it may be time to push myself a little and see what happens.

Yes, I started out with some raw fruit/veggies and only ate small amounts at first to see how I handled them. These days my veggies are mostly cooked, but fruit is mostly raw. I'm in my 6th week of SCD I believe.

The cooked nectarines sound good as well as baked pears with cheese. I love fruit and cheese together.

I'd say if you're bored by all means stretch yourself. Boredom is what got me when I was on SCD a few years ago so my philosophy is to add in more foods more quickly if it means I'll stay on SCD long term. Of course being in remission certainly helps!
There are many factors to consider.

I will give you a few considerations:

- It depends what are the vegetables (You need to cook a potato )

- where are the vegetables produced (IMHO If you buy from China, I would extra cook them, sorry if I offend people here )

- how are they maintained ( If they are not fresh, you should cook them well)

- Organic vs non-organic (If you pay a lot of money for organic perhaps you want to extract the most enzyme out of these vegetable, don't over cook them)

Now about the cooking, it always depends what you have and what you want. If you have beautiful fresh organic broccoli, I would just slightly steam it and eat it. If you have a broccoli that has been sitting in your fridge for 1week +, perhaps a nice boiled soup would be better ?

You have to experiment with each vegetable. Google them up )

Good Luck