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Frustrated that I keep S%$#ing my self

I am just frustrated, so you don't have to read this... I'm just venting....

I am 34yrs old F, and over the past few weeks I have lost controll of my bowels a few times. I have no warning, no pain, no grumbling belly. It just happens!
I am sooo tired of this, I try to do all the right things, I eat good, take my meds, exercise, do my yoga... and all for what? I am lucky that I work for a school system as I have been at home the past 5 weeks, but what happens when I go back to school next week? Can you really live off instant mashed potatoes and cup a soup? I'm not sure if I should call my Dr... I'm not having any pain, but this is getting crazy. I would not consider myself an anxious person, but even the thought of walking my dog is daunting as there are no bathrooms around my block!
I'm sorry, I'm just frustrated! and I don't think there is too much my Dr or I can do to chage this. Any suggestions are welcome and thanks for listening.
(Ha ha ha now I'm starting to live up to may name!)


I can definitely relate its very upsetting when this happens. I think you should talk to your doctor because maybe they can offer a solution or explanation.

In the meantime can you take a binding agent like psyllium or Imodium? I wear adult diapers most of the time and a pad in a regular underwear if I'm feeling confident I won't have an accident.


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Hi. That is so difficult and embarrassing to deal with. I had lots of problems with fistulas and abscesses. I had to use feminine hygiene products because I was leaking so much. I rarely went out because I had no place to carry extra pads. And if someone found out i think i would have died of embarrassment. The nurse suggested tampons. I drew the line there. Just couldn't do it.
I hope you find relief soon.


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Hi Woops, I'm similar in a lot of ways to you. I'm 33/F, and I try to do all the right things too (diet, exercise, take my meds, get enough sleep, etc) but I started flaring a couple months ago in spite of trying to do everything correctly. It's really frustrating and I feel for you! And having accidents is humiliating, it's only happened to me once (knock on wood) but I just went into the shower and cried after it happened, it has such an effect on one's psyche. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this.

I agree with NGNG that you should call your doctor. It sounds like this is a relatively new symptom, and my GI says I should always call him if/when I experience new symptoms. He's said in the past, he cannot help me if he doesn't know what's going on. So let your doctor know what's going on, and hopefully he can help you. What meds are you on right now? It may be that you're flaring and need an increase in dose or stronger meds, or maybe like NGNG said, something like psyllium would help. I hope your doctor can get this figured out and resolved so that you can go back to work without too much worry.
This is why I love this site, you guys are all understanding and even tho the details are gross you all get it.

Thanks for the advice, I think I will call my GI tomorrow as this is new to me. I currently take Pentasa the max does daily, supositories, and Humaira every 14 days. I have been on the Humaira now for about 14 months, it helped greatly to begin with, but since Easter I have been having some issues which I foolishly thought that I could handle/ignore not sure which one of those it is by myself. Today was a Humaira dose so I am hopeing that mabey that will give me some relief. Just aggravating, and my poor husband he puts up with so much. Thanks for the support, it means a lot to me that I can vent to you guys.