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Fungal throat infection or methotrexate

Hi Everyone,

My son started methotrexate 6 weeks ago. He woke up with a sore throat this morning and I saw a swollen reddened area and some white ulcer like things. He is on augmentin so I know it is not strep. He has no signs of viral infection. He is about to go off augmentin because he finally had a fitulotomy and is healing well. Wound doctor thinks it is not a metho related ulcer but a fungal infection and gave him nystatin mouth wash that I will give him and another mouth wash to numb it called Magic mouthwash.

How many people have had throat (nothing on tongue or mouth) ulcers only? He has been on antibiotics for months so a fungal infection would make sense. We plan to stop antibiotics and start the 2 mouth washes.

I sure hope it does the trick. When I talked to the IBD nurse, she said that metho doesn't cause ulcers in throat. He will call back later.

He is on 25 mg and they were planning to reduce to 12.5 evenatually. What would you all do? Should I ask him to go down in dosage? His next shot is tomorrow night. Has anyone gotten rid of these ulcers with a reduction in dose?

We never had any issues with throat ulcers and MTX. I hope the nystatin works, we have used the magic mouthwash for mouth ulcers and it really seemed to help with those.

Has the GI taken a look? There is no chance that it is active inflammation there is there? I know my husbands niece had trouble with active CD in her throat but I don't really know the details.

So glad to hear the fistulotomy went well, hope he heals quickly.