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Gaining too much weight

I have Crohn's disease however at the moment I'm in remission. During a flare I lose weight rapidly however this is my first time in remission after being diagnosed 2 years ago. Currently I'm nearly 57kg- I'm only 16 and as I'm short I'm concerned. I really just want some advice on how to control my food intake... I haven't been able to eat properly for 3 years- now that I'm loads better I just want to eat eat and eat and this is damaging my health elsewhere. Any suggestions or advice?
Nope not on steroids, just azathioprine and inflixamab are regular medications... Could try joining a support group.

my little penguin

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Things I have learned with my kiddo
He was underweight for a long time
Once things improved gi wise he wanted to eat a lot and gained a lot in a short period of time
But within 6 months to a year of doing well Gi wise he grew like crazy.
Typically kids with crohns have catch up growth and grow well into their 20's unlike other kids going to tag

Can you ask your pediatrician /Gi they might be able to tell you if your going to grow soon
Have you had a X-ray of your hand to determine bone age ?
This will tell you how much growing you can expect
Have you seen an endocrinologist ?