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Gaining weight with Crohn's Disease

hey everyone, i know its been alongtime since ive last posted, but i need some help! the GI had told me to go for another colonoscopy(even tho i dont have a colon!lol) and a scope in the bag.. that was 2months or more ago.. iam gaining weight like crazy and i love it!! i was 150 lastweek now im 165!! 15 lbs in a week!! so iam thinking that since ive never been about to gain weight and keep it on, im starting to think i could be reconnected..... what does everyone think about this.. what should i do?give it more time or go get the scopes sooner than later??
Wow thats great that you are gaining weight but what concerns me is that you have gained 15 pounds in a week. That is just unhealthy. Your body can deal with depending how old you are anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds in a week. I think you may want to get a scope to see if there is a reconnection or something of the sort.

Best of luck to you


good luck, sounds like it could be an exciting possability for you. I would go sooner rather than later for the scopes just to get some firm details and find out what/if it can all be done. Like Jeff said though, careful with the weight gain, sounds a bit quick, and would not be great to do any damage to yourself.
good luck :)