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Gall stone??

gall stone??

ok so I woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain in my upper abdomen through to my back, it was unremitting accompanied by nausea and lasted for a couple of hours. It was very slightly eased by leaning forward but not much. I had had a couple of glasses of wine and a bowl of not too spicy chilli but nothing out of the ordinary. Today i'm painfree so do you think it sounds like a gall stone, gastritis or even worse pancreatitis?? any advice welcome thank you
heya archie, 3 months or so after my hemicolectomy i started the same kind of pains, thinking oh no here we go again ended up it was the gall blader, dr did the usual belly pressing then kinda pushed his hand under the ribs,centre/right ish and slightly upward,yelp, thats the spot alright, gallbladder, give it a try if it starts paining you again, hope it may be just the chilli
Thanks for replying, thanks for advice I tried that and it is a little bit tender compared to left side and i am getting occasional twinges there but nothing unbearable compared to last night. I seem to be more tender centrally but then i do have duodenitis anyway but the pain again last night was not usual for this. I'm wondering was it a gall stone that has now moved and eased again?? not sure although i only had a couple of drinks i do think thats what has aggravated it. I also have been craving sugar recently as well... i'll get to the doc at some stage to see what they say. What did they do for your GB pain? did it come and go for a while?? any other symptoms? TBH my whole abdomen feels a bit rough today.
i was given a letter from the doc, gp, to go to raigmore, had a scan and then it was surgery to remove the gall bladder, only advice i can think of is INSIST on getting it done by keyhole, i ended up with another 10" opening under and across the right ribs and it was a bugger,still had pains from it a year and a half later, as it cuts through the muscle and nerves there, fingers crossed its possible for them to do that stone blasting for you, has to be much easier if it is the gall bladder/stones, the other thing i noticed was that there wasnt that much difference between gallbladder pain and pancreatitis,same kinda area cept the latter had me in a real bad way,that was due to azathioprine, if it does come back please get it checked out and dont try to tough it out like i did for a few days, it aint worth the pain lol
Thanks again for the reply hopefully I'll not need anything drastic like it removed it still seems to be ok today so hopefully it was just a blip!! Or am I kidding myself did yours grumble on and off for a while first? What tests did they do to decide it needed removed. I'm a great one for living in denial lol do u have a special diet know also? Thanks again for advice
yes it was an on of kinda nagging pain to start, not all day but for a few hrs at a time to start with but when it really kicked in it made itself known lol, i ended up with about two sleepless nights and finally decided enough is enough, had to call and get a lift to the docs,as for diet i eat anything when i can, curries, chilli fried stuff, all the bad stuff as "they" call it. but the last year or so ive been on a feast and famine because of the hemicolectomy area narrowing on me and take spells every 3-4 weeks or so of not being able to keep anything down, and itseems the hosp wont just take the affected piece out on its own, but leave me with an outcome that i wont accept,, if i remember i think i had a cluster of maybe 3 stones, i wasnt too worried about the gallbladder as i didnt know much about it lol, kinda like a bad tooth once its gone it wont bother ya again ,here's hoping that pains go away for you id have thought 3-4 days pain free would indicate a wee glitch something to forget about
thanks again for that yes thats my philosophy if it doesn't bother me again i'll not worry, it seems to be fine today and i've just eaten a roast dinner!! we'll see ;)