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Gallbladder removal

Hi everyone I had major surgery in 2004 to remove some of my bowel had a stoma for 7 months then thankfully had a reversal, I'm having surgery on Wednesday to remove my gallbladder as I have a mass of gallstones causing pain. I've also got to have open surgery due to previous operations, has having your gallbladder removed affected you or do you notice no difference been reading some good things & bad about having this done


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I had my GB removed 2 years ago.I've not had any problems but I do take a digestive enzyme supplement before meals.(Holland & Barrett).The op.itself was no problem.Four small incisions and home the same day.Good luck and let's know how it goes.
I see the surgeon tomorrow to follow up from a 1 week admission in the hospital. Went in with a fever and one hell of a crohns attack. They saw elevated liver enzymes and tested the gallbladder to find it wasn't working properly. So they want to take it out along with repairing a hernia in the same area from a prior surgery.

Hope you are recovering well and hope you start to feel better real soon!
I got my gallbladder out almost a year ago now. It has not restricted my diet at all or caused any pain. The nice thing for me is it had been inflammed for a while (we didn't notice) and once it was out we realized a lot of my "crohn's" symptoms were actually my gallbladder. Now in remission with remicade.