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Gallstones post-resection

I wasn't sure if to put this in the surgery forum or here, because it's not directly related to Crohn's except that the resection surgery was because of the Crohn's.

I had a right hemicolectomy in late 2007 and have been doing fairly well ever since, on Humira. Last year I had some elevated liver enzymes so they did a bunch of tests and I had an Mri. Gallstones were found.

Most people go on their whole lives living with gallstones and do fine. But if you begin to have pain and other symptoms the gallbladder should be removed.

I was curious as to what caused the gallstones as my diet and body weight do not fit the profile of those who usually get them.

I came across a few scholarly articles online that indicate a correlation between resection surgery and later formation of gallstones. Here is the conclusion of one. So just something to be on the look out for, for those who have had resections.

. The results indicate that after total
or subtotal colectomy the composition of
gall bladder bile increases the risk of
cholesterol gall stone formation