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Garlic for muscles ??

Ok..any male members here who is into body building ?? if yes, have you tried eating garlic for increaing muscles...I was wondering if that upsets your stomach in crohns. I learned that regular use of garlic increases the testosterone levels drastically...so that means increased muscle mass.
Well, I did the opposite! I've been eating little garlic over the last few years, while weight lifting. I'll eat some, but it's one of those foods/spices I have suspicions on. I've put on good muscle weight, around 30 plus pounds through lifting. I suspect the cause is, of course hard lifting, along with a good diet, plus the supplements of vitamin D3 and possibly K2.

There has been a few articles of late about the sunshine vitamin, D3, increasing testosterone levels in males, and sex hormones in females. For example:

"Vitamin D and fertility in men and women"




snippet from the article:

...Finally, vitamin D boosts testosterone levels! In a randomized controlled trial, 3,300 IU/day of vitamin D increased testosterone levels by 30-40%. In men, testosterone is important for reproduction tissues like the testis and prostate, and it's also important for key masculine features like increased muscle, bone mass, and the growth of body hair...
I don't eat garlic at all, this is what I do atm, I easily gain mass where I want, I don't think it matter if you're a girl or guy.

My steps to build mass:

-protein, make sure you get pure without sweeteners (those have shown to increase bacterial biofilm, most pharmacies have pure egg white powder without sweeteners) do not take the ones from sports firms, those are 9 out of 10 flavored with sweeteners, you want pure protein, here only pharmacies sell them, if it looks white and tastes like nothing you have the right kind

about 1 grams per kg MAX, you do not need more

-post workout glutamine 1 gram (this isn't needed I think, but I take it anyway, since it's not upsetting my stomach and 1 gram is low), for crohn some studies show it lower permeability of the small intestine (not the colon) when taken together with proteins, but this should only be taken after workouts, I don't think anyone who doesn't work out should be taking that stuff, just imo

-you need a calorie surpluss, you need to eat eat eat, or you will never gain mass, if you do lifting without eating enough you will actually lose muscle mass and weight, since your muscle won't recover

-low rep compound (isolation works fine too for me, but it only started working after I learned a lot about muscle groups, you need to know your muscles to make good use of isolation)

-rest, I see so many people hitting the weights daily, that's so bad, you need at least 2 or 3 days rest per week and you can't hit the same muscles all in the same day

-weight gain is good, muscles weigh about twice as much as fat, if you weren't fat to begin with and are now losing weight it's bad, it means you don't eat enough and don't have a calorie surpluss, someone who does weight lifting should be gaining weight, not losing

Would love to hear other people's workout schedule.
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I've trained for the last 27 years with weights,when i was younger I tried all the different weight gains,proteins and magic formula's,
Nothing really worked with me,perhaps my Crohns wouldn't let me put on weight ! Strength was a different matter, I got strong, and cause of the Crohns,always looked cut !
I train on three days a week, three way split, the longest I've been away from the gym is 3 weeks ! And that's when I had my resection !
When on holiday,I check the gyms out in the hotels before I book !
I just try and eat healthy,I've never ate garlic,and never will !
I do my heaviest lifts on a Friday, and at the age of 45 I deadlifted three times my body weight !
Consistency is the name of the game
I totally agree with Kiny on giving the body rests....its a common mistake that most of the enthusiasts make so often...they try to go for those heavy lifts all days n a week...which is so bad...muscles grow only and only when you are resting. so its also about patience. On eatig I think protein is the most improtant, thus I include lot of soya chunks and beans in my food since I am mainly a vegetarian (do eat fish few time though).....but i guess I wil start with garlic soon..got a lot of positive reviews about it.