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Gas as a symptom?

The last month or so I have developed an interesting but occasionally embarrassing gas issue.
Interesting because my diet hasn't changed and I haven't noticed any other irregularities.
Embarrassing because some days I am that walking farting grandma :eek2:. I lean over to grab something, standing, sitting, sleeping (well that's not new but nevermind), everything and nothing, I don't get it.
Any other symptoms you can suggest to look for that I am missing will be appreciated. I know from experience that I can 'not see' things that others will notice right away, so please suggest away.


This is very common with IBD. Are you flaring or in remission? I'd just keep an eye out for any new or worsening symptoms. The gas on it's own doesn't sound like much to worry about just yet. Keep a close eye out for blood in your stool. Are you having any night sweats, or being woken up by stomach pain or bowel movements?
I would also say gas is quite common for people with an IBD. Some times I have weeks when I am shocked at how my gas my bowel seems to be producing and it can be really uncomfortable and painful being so gassy!
I would just keep an eye on it but I wouldn't worry too much about having lots of gas alone. It won't harm to mention it to your GI next time you see them esp
If it is really bothering you!

Hopefully it will pass and maybe try to avoid any food that could make it worse!
Thanks for the responses. Through December I had two or three extreme cases of gas pain-one I know was cauliflower related- the others? One or two extra BM a day for the last week. And this morning the apt smelled like sulpher when I woke. This ones tough cause I live in a pulp mill town and some mornings you can chew the air so I'm not sure how many times its been me causing the odor.
I do have fistulizing Crohns so was wondering if the start of fistula or stricturing/obstruction would be prefaced by gas?
I do have a colonoscopy scheduled for early Feb so will have more info then but I would like to give the Dr a heads up to issues before hand so he can be more aware in his search while he is in there.