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Gastric Sleeve with Crohn's

Hello All,
I'm sure a lot of you will have no advice/experience for this being most crohnies are underweight but here goes. I had gastric sleeve surgery on 6/22 and although the surgery went well, I'm having major issues. I've been without crohn's treatment for a total of 7 months. Most of that time is due to hip replacement surgery and pancreatitis. I also had to be off the Entyvio for 60 days prior to gastric surgery. The problem now is I'm experiencing a horrible flare. I was hospitalized on 6/28 for 5 days and released on 7/3. Today is 7/5 and I'm having a lot of right-sided abdominal pain along with lightheadedness and just an over all feeling of not being well. I'm not sleeping well and just feel like I'm going to pass out while walking around and just general weakness. I don't want to return to the emergency room unless absolutely necessary. I understand I have to start the dosing process over for Entyvio and it will take several infusions before it's effective. Just not sure of what to do in the meantime. I'm constantly sipping on water and/or protein shakes to stave off dehydration along with everything that's already wrong. Should I return to the emergency room or give it more time? Any advice is appreciated.

my little penguin

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Rule of thumb
If things are bad enough that your asking /posting on here “should I head to the ER or AE “
Then you need to go to the ER

They can assess the situation and determine if it’s critical or manageable at home
But you really need a doc to assess you if your feeling that bad
Please go to the ER
Yes would guess its either crohns inflammation or recovery from surgery.

Sounds like you have been through a lot, I'd go in get myself sorted and get myself on the path to recovery.

A gastric sleeve, are any of your recent operations and issues due to complications of crohns or complications of crohns medications?