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Gastritis? Acid reflux? Who knows? Help!

Hello, it's officially been over one year since my diagnose of Crohns Disease and almost a year of my intestinal surgery of removing 15 inches of my lower intestine from a stricture! And I'm only 18. I've been doing great on Remicade but ever since Feb I've been having upper pain issues that gradually have become worse over the months. Now I can't even tell when I'm hungry or full and this pain is like a burning and also pressure pain. It's between the middle of my rib cage and it gets even worse when I haven't eaten in maybe a couple hours. Which isn't normal since when I eat a meal that's a good size I can't even tell if I'm full from it and then the burning and pressure pain goes away when I eat but comes back within the couple of hours. It's affecting my everyday life now since I always now have this pressure and burning pain 24/7. Mind you I'm on prilosec (2 pills a day) and its been over a whole year since I've been on it. I never even was diagnosed with acid reflux and my GI doc just gave me it. And yes I've been to my doc who basically just said it was acid reflux and told me to keep being on prilosec. Which obviously isn't helping. I just want to know if anyone else has had these symptoms? And if maybe someone can tell me what this possibly could be


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Hello Michelle and welcome to the forum.
It does sound rather like when I had (have) peptic ulcer disease and it doesn't go away unless the right medication is used.
Have you consulted with your GI doctor.?
Sometimes it needs a change of the proton pump inhibitor.... there are others that may be more effective for you.
Gastroenterologist are usually very knowledgeable about the different types.
You should not continue to suffer this and you do need a GI consult to make it better.
Also a GI may suggest an endoscopy to take a look at the situation.
If it was a GI who is telling you to keep taking it without further tests I would suggest a second GI opinion.
Feel better soon
You might need to change the dosage or how often you get the Remicade or you might need something like imuran to complement the Remicade. I would ask the doctor before any action is taken. You may have to switch to another biologic. Let us know how you are doing.