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Gattex? -- Help!!

My GI is recommending Gattex. I have Short Bowel and now a Crohn's flare.
I am currently on Humira and wonder if Gattex is worth the trouble and expense.

Any Gattex users out there who can advise? I would appreciate your experiences with Gattex.

I find it interesting that the post I am replying to about Gattex was written in 2014 and there are no replies other than mine.

I have had three doctors now who are recommending Gattex for me. I have Crohn's and now short bowel syndrome.

Right now with the information and cost data I have, I am uncomfortable starting Gattex.

I am very interested in responses from others who have or are taking Gattex.
Hi are u using Gattex ? I have sbs since my last surgery 1month ago and dr wants to start Gattex , I’m very scared of side effects ( cancer , heart failure Ect)