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Gay couples do have right to FMLA in medical emergency!


This is a rant/public service announcement but a close friend of mine is having abdominal resection tomorrow and her partner wanted to take Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to be with her as she recovers. They are legally married in CT and then NY when it became legal. HR though argued that she has no right to FMLA because their marriage wasn't federally recognized.

I went apeshit upon hearing this because it's enough they have to deal with her surgery but unfairness on top of it? I had them call an LGBT legal group and all is worked out now thanks to the Supreme Court decision last year. It just pisses me off that they even had to deal with this undue stress and what if someone didn't know they had recourse and just accepted the status quo which Is basically gay couples in health situations are not treated the same.

So, let it be known if you are American and got married in a state with legal marriage equality, you must be recognized for federal benefits like FMLA which entitles you to care for yourself or a loved one for 12 weeks without pay but without the risk of losing your job.