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Generic Canasa Suppository

Just wanted to let you guys know, I stumbled on some info saying that they're coming out with a generic version of Canasa. Looks like it started in December. So, if you happen to use it like me this might be some exciting info for you! Here's the link in case you'd like to check it out.

Hope this finds you well. :ghug:

Don't know whether it will be available in the UK yet.I've been on high dose Methasaline tablets for a month.I've got a follow up appointment next week and I'm going to ask if I can have the supps instead of tablets.I've been OK on them,but don't like the list of side effects.It's good to see you and I hope all's well for you.
I'm not sure either, but they put the info in my file at the pharmacy at work to ask my doctor when I'm in need of them again. Don't need these often, just basically an as needed item. Good luck on just having the supps, for me the pills are my maintenance. Not sure if I'd be able to go off the pills and be alright.

Good to see you too! Been alright for the most part, just exhausted from work. Stress has been taking a lot out of me. Stomach has acted up on occasion, but thankfully not gone into a full flare.
Stress is definitely a no-no but life is stressful so there's no way round it.Can I just ask if you've ever had any side effects with the Methasaline tablets ? I've been on 6=400mgs daily for 4wks.I know I'll need regular blood tests to check kidneys if I stay on them.The dosage will be reduced to a maintenance dose.I don't seem to have any side effects so far but I am fearful.Also will the tablets work for Proctitis or will I need supps.also ? I need to decide before my appointment next week.Thankyou in advance.
I haven't really had any side effects from these tablets. The nice thing is that I've been able to cut down on the amount I take. I do need the suppositories too, but only as needed. The only time I take those is when I get blood from the rear or during a flare. Needless to say, I do keep those on hand too though.