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Genetics & Crohns

I'm not the only one in my family that is battling this disease. My father was diagnosed around the same age I was and has been fighting for nearly 30 yrs.

I'm curious to know if you guys believe there is a genetic factor and who has family members fighting the disease as well.
I've been diagnosed as having 'Crohn's Markers' myself. They now know how to scan a chromosome to find a specific gene or DNA sequence variation.

"Up to 30 percent of people with IBD in the United States are estimated to have a family history of the condition, and about 25 percent of these families have both CD and UC in the family."

(I'd post the sciencedaily article I found this in, but it looks like I'm to new to do so)
I have Crohns and my dad had Crohns too. When I was a kid, various family members on my dad's side had "stomach trouble", couldn't eat things with pips etc, so I do wonder whether there was either undiagnosed Crohns or these relatives knew what they had but there was much more of a stigma against talking about it.
Possible role to increase your susceptibility to a specific pathogen which can cause crohn's perhaps.

No known family members with crohn's in my family, though I do know brothers who both have it. That said I know 10 odd people with crohn's and I'm not the most sociable person, so a lot more is going on than genetics.
I am a family history buff and in my genealogy work I have found that my Dad's family had a history of stomach problems. In fact my Aunt (who has passed or I would ask her about this) wrote in her personal history that she had abdominal surgery because her intestines had become "tangled" because of what sounds like fistulas. She did not mention what this was caused from, or write anything else regarding the condition. I would bet the farm that this was Crohn's disease. Crohn's and UC are known to have genetic components.