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Get Off Your But! - How to End Self Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself

Let me first state that this book in no way, shape, or form deals with Crohn's Disease. I'm posting this in the books section though because I think everyone can learn something from it, as we've all gone through an emotional journey dealing with CD and we all know the kind of mental strain it puts on our lives. Also, I don't work for the author or his publisher, nor do I know him personally. I felt compelled to make this post because the book helped me so much.

Get Off Your But! is a self help book written by renowned professional speaker Sean Stephenson, who was born with a rare bone disease that makes his bones incredibly brittle and unable to grow correctly. If you've ever seen the movie Unbreakable, Samuel L Jackson's character (Mr Glass) has the same disease, although he is obviously a fully grown man (its a movie after all). I don't have the book in front of me because I gave my copy to a friend who was going through a rough period in her life, but I remember the author mentioning in the book that, as a kid, just the simple act of sneezing could cause him to break ribs. This man has endured more pain and hardship than anyone can imagine yet he travels the world in an effort to get people to stop making excuses and take control of their lives.

The book is divided into sections dealing with different topics ranging from dealing with insecurities to meeting and surrounding yourself with friends who will improve your life. Every section includes stories about Sean's life and the lives of people he knows who have also had to endure extraordinary hardship and the ways in which they've learned to stay optimistic and still live great, fulfilling lives. There are also exercises in each section that you're meant to do before continuing on to the next section. I didn't find all of these necessary, but they're there for those who will find them helpful.

This book completely changed my life. I can't say that about any other piece of literature (although I don't read much). As with all self help books, you need to have an open mind while reading it. Only you can change yourself for the better, the book just acts as a catalyst and a guide. I don't know what kind of person I would be today had I not made the lifestyle changes that I have because of what I learned in this book.

If I haven't sold you yet on this, I strongly recommend you read the foreward and first couple pages on amazon. If you want to know more about Sean, I'd check out his video blog and look him up on youtube.

I can't post the amazon link because I don't have enough posts yet, so sorry about that.

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Would it be an insult to buy this for someone? I know several people who cannot get off their "but" and take control of their lives. It's really frustrating to see someone you love stifled by insecurity and the lack of confidence needed to try to take control of their life and their own health.