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Getting a stoma soon


<scooting over to make room for Andrea>

Sure! C'mon in, my friend!

Let us know the date so we can start counting down with you!
Amy, my membership begins on May 9th!!
Thanks all, this reality seems soooo scary now. Anyone care to join me for a Scotch? Think I need a large one!



I mean, not hurray that you are having surgery, but hurray that you have a date. Two months will go by in a flash.

Scotch you say? Come to Philly instead of Boston and visit me. My husband has enough fancy schmancy Scotch in this house to sink a ship!

Scary reality, yes, but try not too think about the scary part! Think about how great life will be afterwards!

xo -Ames


I raise a toast to you Andrea...and Amy..but I dont drink Scotch after hauling my mother home from drinking Cutty Sark. She got lost (I kid you not!) in a Cul de Sac. She finally was driven home saying she was lost in the Cutty Sark. I've not drank Scotch since! But I say...a toast of tea and crumpets to you Andrea...and welcome to the club!
Pish tosh and all..my little finger all up and all...NOT! (not posh here)
Amy, I will happily come and help your hubby drink his stash.

Misty- made me laugh for the 1st time today. Thank you so much, now please hurry up with my crumpets!