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Getting Frustrated

So I went earlier this week to have some blood work done. I thought that I was starting to feel better after strating the Humira, but it seems that, according to my blood work, I still have another infection somewhere. So my doc is putting on more antibotics, this time it is cipro. I am already taking two antibotics (Flagl and Macrobid) and I really don't want to go on more becasue I hae feeling that it is going to mess up my body even more. I am going to call my doc on Monday to see if I can get an anppointment with him (he has been on vacation for a while and has been hard to get a hold of). I am just concerend that I don't really seem to be making a lot of progress.

Thanks for leeting me vent.. now I'm off to Walgreens... *sigh*


Naples, Florida
How frustrating :(

What did your blood work show that suggested infection? Elevated white blood count or something else?

Do you have any symptoms that suggest infection?

I hope you feel better soon!

I'm sorry you didn't get any responses until now :(
I am not real sure. I got a call on Friday from my doc's nurse about the blood work then I tried to call this morning to get an appointment with him, but he is in such high demand that I can't get an appointment until mid October! I told the clinic that I could drive to Temple (which is about 30 minutes away) where his main office is if that could get me an appointment faster. Thankfully, I am only on the cipro for five days.

I don't really seem to have any new symptoms, but rather some of my "old" symptoms seem to be imporving. Such as the pressure on my bladder and the urgancy I was feeling.

I wonder if I just not given everything enough time.