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Getting Modulen in USA

I'm trying to get Modulen for my mom who was just diagnosed with Crohns yesterday, but has been suffering symptoms for months. She is cachexic and I really want her to try Modulen, but we live in the US and apparently it takes 2-4 weeks to get here from U.K. And Canada. Does anyone know of a source that ships here faster?

my little penguin

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In the US
They use peptamen which is similar and has been studied in (exclusive enteral nutrition-formula only - no food ) as a treatment for Crohns instead of steriods
It's semi elemental formula used to treat Crohns
Ds was on the kiddie version peptamen jr for 9 weeks of een
And continued for years as a supplement to his maintence meds



You can have the GI prescribed the formula through your insurance companies durable medical equipment company (Dme ) - not through the prescription coverage at a pharmacy
Dme covers it as infusion supplies

Some can use polymeric formula

Must need semi elemental (peptamen or peptide )
Some need elemental amino acid based (EO28 splash / Vionex etc...)

Two main carriers in the US
Abbot and nestle nutrition




There is an organic option
Of semi elemental
Never tried it and haven't seen it used in studies though
Kate farms


Good luck