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Getting really tired of the nausea

Every day, around 9-10am, the nausea hits. I take a Zofran and it subsides to a queasy feeling for about an hour. It's getting really old. I think nausea is the worst symptom (not that the others are fun). I freaking hate nausea.


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I feel for you, vomiting is my #1 most hated symptom and nausea is #2. So miserable! Do you take 4 mg or 8 mg of Zofran? My GI prescribed 4 mg for me, but he said I could take 2 of them if I need to, as 8 mg is considered the max dose. So if you're taking 4 mg, you might want to try 8 mg instead. I wonder if taking the Zofran a little earlier in the morning pre-emptively might help you as well. Just a couple things to consider in case you hadn't already. And at any rate, I hope you feel better soon and find a way to get rid of the daily nausea! Hang in there!
yeah i hate the viomiting and the nausea. it's the worse thing about this condition. i have it all the time so i take Domperidone for mine with food and at bedtime to hopefully get it under control in the morning. but i am still flaring, so that could be causing all my periods of nausea. i hope your nausea will clear up soon and get you feeling better. best wishes.

I take the 8mg tablets. I'm usually ok after lunch for the rest of the day. Once in a while it will hit in the afternoon, but more often, it's just a morning thing.


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I agree. Nausea is the worst. Luckily, I don't get it too often (*knock wood*).

How long have been been having nausea??
Yep. The nausea is definitely one of the worst parts of this disease. And it can come from so many different things. The actual disease, medication side effects, low bp, high bp, exhaustion, not eating, eating, being constipated..

I am so sick of being nauseous. I take zofran for it too, but sometimes it doesn't help. Then i have to take gravol. I also use alot of home remedies, too. Today has been really bad for nausea. I have the 8mg zofran tablets, and I take two at a time, up to 4 a day. I know that's too much, but it's hard not to take more when you feel so sick. I am absolutely terrified of puking. It's a total irrational fear, but I will do ANYTHING to prevent vomiting. When I feel pukey, I can't move, talk, nothing. Gravol works really well, but makes me so tired. So I can't take it if I have stuff to do. I'm not quite sure why I'm so nauseous. It's usually not this bad. Lately I've been incredibly nauseated and I can't think of what's causing it. Maybe because I'm constipated, or tired, or I need to eat more often.. I'm not sure. It's really bothering me though. I can deal with pain and diarrhea and everything, but when I'm nauseous and my meds won't take it away, I feel helpless. It's enough to make me want to be in the hospital on an all day gravol drip.
Grossest feeling ever.
The daily nausea has been happening for about a month. At first, I chalked it up to my body adjusting to not having a gall bladder. But it's just not going away. The past couple days, I've been having problems with acid, too. In my stomach and esophagus, I just feel it burning. I take 40mg omeprazole daily, so I'm not sure what's going on. It just feels like my health is very slowly declining. I'm having more bad days than good. I'm going to hold out until my next appointment (9/22) and hope things improve before then. If not, I'm not sure what the next step is.


So sorry you're both suffering with this, nausea is the worst I think. I don't get it too often, Thank God!
But when I do I take Cyclizine, this is a prescribed med for motion sickness, vomiting and it's also an anti histamine.
And it works!
Feel better soon, both of you
Are you on any sort of special diet post-surgery for your gall bladder? I seem to recall that you should avoid fats and I'm not sure what else.
I never realized nausea was a symptom of crohn's. I've been going through a really, really bad flare (started last November, but got really bad in June) and for the past 5 weeks I've had constant nausea...everyday. I told my husband I feel like I've had the stomach flu for 5 weeks now. I hope you feel better!!!


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Hi Steph! Are you sure you're not pregnant? I'm not joking. It's always something to consider. One of my sisters was told she couldn't have kids. What a joke. She has three. Both she and I had terrible nausea with our pregnancies. I never threw-up, but I just think it was because I hate vomiting so much. I probably easily could have. Our other sister had absolutely no nausea with her pregnancies. Not fair!!!

Some of my nausea improved after having my gallbladder out. That was ten years ago. When my Crohn's worsened, the nausea picked up for me. I am a regular with Zofran and ginger tablets.

I hope you feel better soon, and quickly find out what is causing all that nasty nausea. Ugh! Poor thing!


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I have the same morning nausea thing. I have no advise. I agree it sucks! I take zofran too.
I'm sure I'm not pregnant! I mean, I haven't taken a test, but DH is sterile and I'm on birth control. It would be the miracle of all miracles!


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Hi Steph! I sure hope that I didn't offend you with my comment about pregnancy. I have known several women who have been told that they couldn't get pregnant, one of my sisters included; only to be surprised later. I didn't know about DH. Here is the prize winner. One of Scott's friends at work now has four children. They wanted to stop at two. The wife got pregnant on birth control pills with number three. Scott's friend had a vasectomy and the wife was still on the pill for medical reasons. Later on they found out that they were expecting number four. My sister got pregnant on birth control with her last child. She was the one that was told she couldn't have children. Three children later, she believes that doctor is a fool! LOL! She jokes about her body just being slow to learn how to make babies. LOL!

I sure hope you are feeling better and that the nausea is gone. You need a break. Take care sweetie!
No, you didn't offend me at all. We have no idea why DH is sterile. He was tested when we were TTC years ago. Maybe it changed since then, but I sure hope not. I do NOT want anymore kids. Ironically, DH and I were both conceived after our fathers had vasectomies! If I start gaining weight and feeling kicks in my belly, I may take a test. LOL

As for the nausea, it still comes at least once/day. I'm mainly eating only rice and toast now. I went for a sub sandwich on Saturday and paid for it all night with the D and pain. Still no bleeding, so I'm still hoping this is somehow related to my gallbladder surgery and not Crohn's. Then again, if it's related to the surgery, there's nothing that can be done, which would suck.
Hi - I'm new to the forum. I was searching Google for Crohn's and nausea and ended up here. I have had nausea everyday for about the last 2 1/2 to 3 months. I've been communicating with the doctors. I asked the nurse yesterday if nausea is a symptom of Crohn's and she said she did not think so or it does not happen very often. They want to do another colonoscopy. I've been trying to decide if I need one or an endoscopy. It looks to me that there are plenty of people with nausea. The doctor's office has told me not to take too much stock in what is said in blogs/forums, but I look at it as real people discussing how they feel. After all, the doctor treating you does not have the disease, how do they know how you really feel? They don't seem to listen to me. Very frustrated and very sick to my stomach with a headache.
I continued having nausea for a month after this post. I kept trying to drop different things from my diet and I think I finally fixed it. I dropped my coffee in the mornings and haven't had nausea for a few days now. But I don't think it would be an issue if I were in remission. So yes, I think Crohn's absolutely causes nausea.
Hi all - I'm new here and have found all your stories and advice interesting. I actually posted a thread earlier asking for advice with nausea which Stephanie kindly answered. I'm struggling daily with nausea at the moment (diagnosed Crohns Nov 2010), after reading all of your posts I will definitely go back to my Doctor to discuss stronger meds for it - nausea is awful!!
nexium treating crohn's

I'm having to educate yet another doctor about my crohn's. Please let me know if you or anyone else you know has successfully been treated with nexium for Crohn's? I have been on Nexium for GERD for several years and as a wonderful surprise, a side effect was that my Crohn's has been nearly asymptomatic!! I have researched online and found some mention of same but my insurance company is constantly trying to make me make do with using only a three month supply for 5 months!! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! You can't cut Nexium!
I have suffered horribly when they make me TRIAL with some other medication; the last time resulting in a bleeding ulcer. My new primary care doctor (last one abandoned his practice to rejoin the army, leaving everyone in the lurch) would fight the insurance company but this new doctor is telling me that I have to trial. What kind of doctor makes a patient risk another bleeding ulcer?!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE HEARD OF THIS... NEXIUM and CROHN'S.
By the way... I have suffered from nausea my entire life... interestingly enough, the ONLY TIME I didn't have nausea??? WHEN I WAS PREGNANT!!! TONELOC... you're on TOO MANY MEDICATIONS!!! SCARY!
So am I and I hate it. But that's what doctors DO... PRESCRIBE medications. By the way, I just heard about PROPUBLICA... you go to their website and they list the perks your doctor has received from pharmaceutical companies... I'm checking out my doctor as soon as I get off here. Go to the site and enter your doctor's name. It's being updated all the time and may not have every doctor entered just yet, but don't forget it. Make a note and check it out periodically.
Ugh, I hate nausea too. I had nasty nausea on a regular basis leading up to my surgery in August. Oral cyclizine worked pretty well, and when my nausea was really bad, I was switched to IV cyclizine (I was in hospital most of the summer) coupled it with ondanzetron (which I believe is the same as Zofran). Actually, I found that cyclizine even helped with the tummy pain too.

I think the worst was that while the anti-sickness helped with the nausea, it didn't always keep me from vomiting.


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Hi Steph! I hope your nausea has subsided a bit. Oh yuck! That has to be the worst feeling. Have a great weekend sweetie!
Help with 9 year old nausea

My 9 year old son hasn't been diagnosed with crohns' yet but he definitely has indications of inflammation in blood markers and has horrible nausea and stomach pains. The nausea is when a food triggers him it seems, and the stomach pains follow for about a weeks followed by diarrhea. so far this cycle has happened 3 times, and until we see a GI doctor I have no clue. I"ve been trying to keep his diet plain and simple, he ate some chicken tonight and is having horrible nausea and pain. any advice you can give would be much appreciated. It's horrible seeing him like this.