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Getting remicade infusion while on accutane......

Could it cause remicade to be ineffective?

I have been on remicade for 1.5 years and my last infusion has been a failure.

Im worried because I have colitis, Im at the end of the road if Remi has failed me.


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Hi Bizkid
There are reports of accutane being connected with crohn's and ulcerative colitis.
The remicade failure may be due to the continued use of accutane.
Perhaps you should talk to your GI about this.
There is a reference which you may find helpful:
www.drugwatch.com/accutane/ulcerative colitis
Hope this is helpful to you
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
Does your GI know you are on Accutane? Does your dermatologist know you have a Crohn's diagnosis?

Unless your acne is truly terrible (which it could be, I realize that) Accutane is contraindicated in Crohn's and should not be used. Whether it could be interfering with the effectiveness of remicade I don't know and I'm not sure the docs will know either.

Did you just start Accutane and that's why you think there's a connection?

Have you been on other biologics (Humira, Cimzia) and failed them? If not, then you can try them if Remicade no longer works for you at all. However, before you jump to that conclusion it is likely your GI will try increasing your dose or frequency or both and/or do some labs to see if you have built up antibodies. He/she may also want to add 6-MP or methotrexate to the remicade to see if that helps.
Accutane has many side effects. You can find more information about it online. I had the same as you described. It's best to talk to your doctor about this asap.
I don’t agree with some of your answers.
I was on accutane too, when i was on azathioprin. My dermatologist was worried, but the GI wrote a letter to him saying there was no problem at all, and accutan was not an issue for CD patients.

I don’t know specifically if it’s a problem to be on it while on remicade, but I doubt... cant be the reason remicade is not working neither.

Don’t worry if you fail remicade, there are other options for you still! Like entyvio