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GI in Ohio willing to prescribe?

Does anyone know of a GI doc near Cincinnati, Ohio that would be willing to consider prescribing LDN? My son, 20 was just diagnosed last month after having to have surgery/resection. This is all very new to us and they are trying to start him on Remicade. He doesn't want it and neither do I. Based on the short time I have had to research, LDN is the safest option with little to no side effects. He has an appt with his GI on the 15th and we are running out of time. She was assigned to us in the hospital after surgery and seems nice, but basically did not give us a choice for treatment. She simply stated that he needs to start with the Remicade because he has surgery which makes his disease considered "aggressive and severe". He will only be allowed on our insurance for another 5 years...and then what?! Even if the Remicade works, he won't be able to pay for that kind of continued treatment when he is no longer allowed on our health insurance.


Hi Tracie,

First off, check out our Doctor Directory if you haven't done so already, as you may find someone promising in your area.

Secondly, Remicade may be somewhat scary, but it has worked wonders for many people, and your son's doctor is probably not wrong to consider this an aggressive case. I understand your desire to try LDN, but keep in mind that it takes a while to work for many. Educate yourself, weigh your options, and keep us posted on what you guys decide to do! I hope your son starts feeling better soon!
Have to echo JDTM, LDN can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to really start working where from my understanding Remicade starts to work right away. We were lucky in that my son was fairly stable in regards to his Crohn's which gave us the opportunity to try LDN and give it time to work
THanks JDTM. I did look on the list and a couple of the doctors in the practice are listed there. I know that Remicade is a good drug for some and works well for them. The problem I have is that he is feeling better. Since 12/20 he has gained back 15 lbs and yesterday had a normal BM for the first time in 7 months. The only thing he is taking right now is Pentasa (2000 mg per day). The way I am looking at it as a mother is we have choices, but none were really presented. The drug they are considering has many very scary side effects and my son is terrified. It also has the potential to not work or worse, cause other serious problems that would need additional treatment. The LDN...it may not work (just like the Remicade), but it might and if it doesn't...at least I know he's not going to get lupus-like syndrome, lymphoma or have an allergic reaction trying it for a few months to find out. I guess I just feel like I have to figure it out myself and not rely on them since there were no options...it was simply stated that they would be treating him with Remicade.