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GI Visit Today

Well I had my first GI appointment in nearly a year thanks to the fact haven't had a need really.

As my signature says I'm on Remicade and have been for a little more than a year now and she seems to be happy with that. I'm stopping Imuran now however as she didn't see the need. I've gained just under 40 lbs on Remicade so I'm now ~160 lbs but have been out of remission a bit lately thanks to exams and have had a lot of constipation problems all semester. It's not uncommon to have hour long bathroom trips and she seems to be semi-concerned about that.

I've got a colonoscopy appointment booked for January 9th now :dance: No 4L of laxative drinking though this time which I'm pretty excited about. The colonoscopy is to look for signs of active disease primarily in my rectum which is my most effected area by far and could be the cause of the constipation. I've had a procedure done before and apparently I will be again if things are tight and it's basically a balloon being inflated in the tight regions to help stretch it out. I had that done 2 years ago and it really helped so I'm hoping that's all I'll need.

If she finds active disease then our next step is going to be shortening the Remicade infusions to 6 weeks or switching to Humira. I think I'll be shortening the Remicade infusions if it comes to that as I really think it's working well and the stress of exams is bringing out some symptoms so that can't be considered that the drug isn't working right?

Anyway I just find it weird she thinks I could be better. I'm 5'10, 160 ish lbs. and only going 2-4 times a day just at like 30-60 mins a trip. Overall I'm pretty happy with things but I guess we will see January 9th if anything is changing or not.
Congrats on what sounds like a good GI visit. I hope it continues that way long into the future. 2-4 times a day doesn't sound like too much but it also matters how much pain you're in. If you feel good and are going 2-4 times a day that's much better than constantly being in pain and going 2-4 times. If you are in pain be sure to mention that to the GI.