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GI wants me to back to humira-anyone else done this?

I used Humira for about 2 years. It was successful but after 2 years I flaired. Went to methotrexate, but now GI wants me to go back to Humira (long term side effects, & he worries I may want to get pregnant .... The list goes on..) Has anyone else done this twice? Just a wee bit worried that it won't work.
Thanks for all support!!
So you stopped Humira and changed to methotrexate, the flared and your GI wants you to go back to Humira? Is that right?

I haven't stop a biologic but I have been on and off methotrexate. If you can get into remission on methotrexate and don't want to get pregnant than I see no reason to go off it. Now if you can't get be flare until control with mtx I would say yes go back to Humira if you can.
Didn't know I could check antibodies.
I used Humira for about 2 years then flaired. At that time my GI changed me to methotrexate. I have been on it now almost 3 years and doing well. My GI doesn't want me to stay on it due to the side effects. He wants me to go back to Humira or to try Cimzia. Humira is somewhat covered by my health insurance. Cimzia is not, so I see Humira as my only option. Just didn't know if anyone has used it twice with good results?
Thanks for the support.