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GI with Crohn's?!

I was thinking the same thing the last few days. As much as they have never felt your pain though they do seem to understand it pretty well.

Maybe there is one somewhere, on a mission to cure himself or something :p

Crohn's 35

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When I was getting diagnosed, the guy doing my endoscopy follow through had Crohns but got fed in the shoulder. That was 20 years ago and he knew right off I had crohn's :yfaint: not a good picture of that news.
That's awful

That is awful but I am sure common. I think I was misdiagnosed as well, when I was 19 was having issues do tor I saw told me I had irritable bowel wanted me to take meatamuecil. Continued with mild problems until in nursing school 1995 having major issues a lot of bleeding. Sounds like u had worse case scenario:stinks: