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Girl who cried help me!

Pretty much at my whitsend this morning. I'm sick of waking up to new things wrong with me. I've become a doctor having to do examinations every morning because I wake up with some new issue. Not only dealing with the 'pleasantries' of Crohn's but I've also got infections hitting me left to right.

I woke up yesterday to find a lump below my ear lobe. Not painful but something concerning me. I am still recovering from a chest infection so perhaps it has to do with that. (Online says) Could also be a cyst or a pimple. Or swollen lymph nodes. I tried to do some lympathic massages thinking all I need is to loosen things up. Could be cancer too.

I feel like a burden to the medical system and to my family.

I'm on Humira. My immune system is weaker. No brainer that something else would come up but I'm just spent. :ybatty: My work year has been filled with losing hours regularly. Being spareboard which I don't feel comfortable doing anymore. HR problems. And all of this. I just need peace.


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First.....:hug:.....then step back and take a deep breath.....

Unless the bump is painful, I wouldn't worry too much about it....I get random bumps here and there, sometimes under my jaw...but they never amount to anything........

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I just recently got a pimple at just the top of the opening of my ear. It hasn't gone away either, but I'm thinking the reason why is that it's a really strange area!!! Best thing to do is just keep an eye on it and if it gets too worry some, you can always call the advice nurse/doctor. Keep us updated Sarah! :hug:

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Ds is on humira for over 5 years and had a large swollen lymph node in his neck (3 cm x2 cm)
The best advice we got was see a doc
Have them check it out
Tiny lymph nodes 1 cm or less tend to be normal (aka not inflamed)
Ds was inflamed and kept growing so after more than a month
The docs removed it
Docs can monitor it
There are a lot of things they can tell just by feeling the lymph node and later through ultrasound
Not all enlarged lymph nodes are cancer

Biopsy for ds was fine with no signs of cancer
Just inflammation-probably from Crohns per the docs