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Girlfriend, friends, and family don't understand

Hey all,

Haven't been diagnosed with Crohns yet but going in for Colonoscopy this wednesday. Not looking forward to it. Been anxious and extremely fatigued all week long.

Currently, my gf and some members of my family believe I am experience symptoms that I have created out of my own mind. They think that by looking up symptoms and posting to forums that it is causing me to feel those physical effects. It's extremely frustrating to not be validated at all with this.

Is there any advice on dealing with the anxiety and the support system that seems to want to blow what I'm going through off?

It's strange, because I want to just get diagnosed with SOMETHING so that I can stop worrying about what's wrong with me and push forward with some medications and treatment. On the other hand... I don't really want any of this. It's a frustrating mind set.

Thanks for letting me rant.
Welcome to the forum. Re: anxiety and lack of support--when you can't seem to get the support from the people around you, I find that it is best to look for it elsewhere--just as you are doing by posting on the forum. Talking to a counsellor may be helpful, or, if you are not ready for that or are worried about the cost, many places have support or distress phone lines or chat forums where a trained volunteer provides anonymous support. Is there such a group in your area?
It is really hard to advocate for yourself when you are feeling so poorly, so it may be to difficult to do all of the relationship things like politely telling your partner what kind of support you need and expect. A stranger may be able to help you with the temporary support until you know more about what you may be dealing with long-term.
Good luck with the scope.
I just wanted to offer my support. I think quite a lot of us here have been through something similar with people - whether it be friends, family or doctors - disbelieving our symptoms and the extent to which it affects us. It's sadly not uncommon to be told that "it's all in your head" so know that you're not alone in that and you have people here on the forum who understand.

It's certainly a confusing time too when you have symptoms and you sort of wish for a diagnosis and yet you really don't want for there to be anything wrong - because all we want is to be healthy like other people are!

There is an 'Undiagnosed Club' support forum (and support group within that) where you'll find others who have similar feelings right now. You are very welcome here on the forum to share your feelings and frustrations and anxieties - it's not easy to deal with illness and the uncertainty of diagnosis at any time but even less so without the support of those around you :ghug:
I hear you. Don't worry, you are not making these things up.

I hope the colonoscopy prep hasnt been too difficult for you - and I hope the colonoscopy goes OK! Perfect for April 1st. Last one I had done I woke up to find Father Christmas standing at the end of my bed!